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Wrecking Corporation of America has provided a full range of demolition services to contractors and developers since 1974. As a single-source contractor for hazmat removal, demolition and excavation services, we control the critical path on the front end of the job. We have the experience and expertise to handle every aspect of demolition and excavation, from the top of a high-rise office building to 50 feet below ground level, while maintaining live utilities, minimizing downtime, and reducing traffic disruption.

Demolition in cramped urban settings requires specialized skills, and the Wrecking Corp. team of experts, which includes some of the most experienced and talented individuals in the industry, has the knowledge and expertise in public safety and the preservation of adjacent properties to perform successfully on such projects. Our clients never have to make a tradeoff between the convenience of a single-source contractor versus the use of specialists. The depth of our experience provides the critical difference between success and delays, cost savings or overruns. We are dedicated to bringing in each project on time, on budget and with the greatest attention to safety and security.

Every Wrecking Corp. project begins with a detailed plan that explains how we will approach the job. Throughout the process, expert project managers will take care of all of the details, including any unexpected factors that arise, giving our clients a clear view of what is happening on their projects.

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