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Building Demolition

Wrecking Corporation of America has developed a reputation for its professional and competent approach to building demolition, site clearance and excavation. We have extensive expertise with the technical and safety challenges involved in the demolition of high-rise buildings on cramped urban sites. Many of these projects require a controlled demolition "by hand" to ensure the safety and integrity of adjacent properties prior to razing the rest of the structure. Throughout our history of demolition in busy downtown areas, we have continued to meet the highest standards of safety and performance.

Wrecking Corp. has completed numerous multi-structure projects, some encompassing several city blocks. Our years of experience in the coordination of permitting, utility abandonment, hazmat remediation, historic preservation, and demolition enable us to meet the demanding schedules of our clients.

We have national wrecking experience utilizing a wide range of methodologies to perform our work. We perform every type of demolition, from dismantlement "one brick at a time," to razing with our fleet of specialized heavy equipment, to implosion.

Wrecking Corp. is committed to recycling wherever possible on its projects, and we usually reach our goal of 90 to 95 percent recycling.

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